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Counseling Compact 

The DC Mental Health Counseling Association (DCMHCA) supports portability for all licensed professional counselors, and specifically supports the Counseling Compact for Licensed Professional Counselors in the District of Columbia.

The Counseling Compact ...

  • is an interstate compact – a constitutionally authorized, legally binding contract between states
  • allows licensed professional counselors to practice in all states that join the compact. authorizes interstate practice – both in-person and through tele-health by licensed professional counselors who hold a valid, unrestricted home state license in a Compact member state. 
  • helps protect the public by ensuring that compact member states rapidly share investigative and disciplinary information, and cooperate in investigations of misconduct by practitioners, when necessary.  
  • works together with universal license recognition laws to increase license portability
  • allows licensed professional counselors to provide services to populations currently underserved or geographically isolated.
  • facilitates the process for military personnel and spouses to continue in their profession when relocating.
  • protects the public by improving continuity of care when counselors travel or relocate, and when clients travel or relocate. 
  • addresses the shortage of mental health counselors by eliminating the time and burden it takes to obtain a valid license after relocating or moving. 


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